Users will be able to stake several of the assets generated by PRISM in order to receive rewards.

Stake yLUNA

A user can stake yLUNA in PRISM and receive all LUNA staking rewards and airdrops that are claimed by the Asset Vault (AV). yLUNA can be unstaked instantaneously with no unstaking period.
Users will have a choice of 2 vaults to stake their yLUNA into.
  1. 1.
    Standard Staking
    Airdrops: Users will receive physical delivery of all tokens the AV is able to claim. This includes MIR, ANC, MINE and future protocols that do airdrops to LUNA stakers.
    Staking Rewards: Staked LUNA currently receives rewards in LUNA and multiple Terra Stablecoins. In order to simplify the rewards for users PRISM will automatically convert all rewards received in Terra Stablecoins into LUNA and then use the total LUNA amount to mint pLUNA and yLUNA which will be distributed to yLUNA stakers.
  2. 2.
    PRISM Farm Users can swap their yLUNA yield for PRISM tokens for as long as the duration of the farm lasts. There will be 130mm tokens distributed over a period of one year.
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